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Edgar Gutiérrez Gómez: Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Huanta (UNAH), Facultad de Administración de Turismo Sostenible y Hotelería, Huamanga, Peru

Use of mobile applications as bilingual educational tools for kindergarten and primary school children in native kukama-kukamiria communities in iquitos-Peru


This work presents an experience related to the conception, development and validation of a mobile applicative created to be used as an educational tool guided to the basic teaching of mathematics and language for initial education (and primary) of Bilingual Educational Institutions of indigenous communities Kukama-Kukamiria. The Kukama-Kukamiria is one of the 48 official indigenous languages recognized in the Peru, and one of the 44 languages indigenous amazon Peruvians, most of these languages have serious extinction problems, manifested it with less and less number of speaking. In Peru the educational indicators related to the indigenous communities are mostly faulty, caused it for diverse factors among those that highlight the lack of educational contents and even the limited number and absence of educational. An applicative mobile offline has been developed, for mobile devices with S.O Android (cell phones and tablets), with basic content for initial education (and first grades of the primary one). This applicative was conceptualized as a tool playfull, interactive, based on sounds of the images. In this process they participated educational and members of the communities Kukama-Kukamiria of Iquitos. As part of the validation processes, a comparison test has been developed among the employment of the applicative and the use of the traditional teaching that it is used in the communities Kukama-Kukamiria. Favorable results have been achieved regarding the use of the applicative like tools for teaching in the classroom, leave it has demonstrated that the use of this applicative overcomes a series of limitations of the service educational Peruvians in native communities Kukama-Kukamiria. © 2019 IEEE.


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